Types of Bikinis that suits your body!

The mercury is ever rising and leaving no option than to think of nothing but a dip in the cool water. For those of you who are heading to the beaches this summer or the lucky ones hosting private pool parties, here is an amazing write-up just in time.

Bikini, introduced in 1946 has gone through era of changes till date. Nonetheless, the variants have been ever revealing and smaller than the original versions.

You might be very confused as to what to choose when such occasion knocks on the door when there is no choice in the outfit of course! All of you might be up on picking up their favourite bikinis to flaunt those curves or completely ignore your body when it’s so hot outside. But, here we are to get you 12 different styles to keep yourself as enthusiastic as you are for any other party! You might shuffle between these styles and make sure you don’t end up looking like all other friends of yours.

Till then, pick up a cool drink and just browse through these spectacular designs for your summer vacations.

  1. Bandeaukini/Strapless Bikini
  2. Multi-String Bikini
  3. String Bikini
  4. Microkini
  5. Tankini
  6. High Neck Bikini
  7. Trikini
  8. Sling Bikini
  9. Skirtini
  10. High-Waisted Bikini
  11. Fringe Bikini
  12. Flounce Bikini

1. Bandeaukini/Strapless Bikini

Nude Bandeau Bandage Bikini Set (Push-Up)

This was perhaps the type that we first saw Sonam Kapoor in Bewakoofian turning heads of many. Also known as Bandini, this style usually has a bandeau bra and briefs contrasting with the design. Sensuous and elegant, this style is more revealing than the usual ones.

Best Picks for: Skimpy or Hourglass shaped women
A Complete No for: Women with heavy busts

2. Multi-String Bikini

multicolor printed multi string bikini

As the name suggest, the bikini has a bra with multiple straps that might end up like a halter at the nape of the neck or be styles in a modern way. Rather than simple two straps at the shoulder, this one is has innovative strap styles at the shoulders.

Best Picks for: Women with flaunting shoulders bones
A Complete No for: Women with very broad shoulders

3. String Bikini

Elegant Swimwear

Cast a magical spell by getting into one of these for your next swim. These have strings to cling at your back and also at the waist band to heat up the things a little bit.

Best Picks for: Hourglass shaped women, Women who dare to look steamy!
A Complete No for: Women with heavy busts and thighs

4. Microkini

Eye-Catching Shiny Micro Halter Top + G-String Bikini

Extremely skimpy, this bikini style has bare fabric enough to cover the genitals of men or women. Very exposing variations may have a simple thread to keep things covered enough! You might need loads of guts to pull this off in public

5. Tankini

Retro High Waist Swimwear

Falling in decent limits, a tankini is one of the most recent forms of bikini. With a tank top having straps at the shoulder, a tankini has a contrast or matching bikini bottom. It was designed by Anne Cole who is considered to be the godmother of swimwear.

Best Picks for: All body types

6. High Neck Bikini

green high neck bikini

Less revealing than a usual bikini, the upper half of the bikini is a high neck tube that covers most of the bust with bikini bottoms. It is a good pick if your swim has a lot of sports and surfing included and keeps you comfortable and covered aptly.

Best Picks for: Water Sports, Surfing, Beach games
A Complete No for: Flat chested women

7. Trikini

yellow solid trikini

In the world of haute couture, it is known as “a handkerchief and two small saucers”. It comes with a bikini bottom and two triangular pieces of fabric covering the breasts. The scintillating piece barely covers the wearer and is quite revealing.

These days the swimwear also comes with pasties and a bikini bottom.

Best Picks for: Skinny Women
A Complete No for: Very plump women

8. Sling Bikini

Attractive New Style Leopard Bikini (Push-Up Padded)

Also known as the “Suspender Bikini” or “Slingshots”, it is a one-piece swimwear that provides very little coverage. Usually in Lycra, this bikini has straps going around the neck, down the back and along the midriff keeping both sides of the torso bare.

Another variation, Pretzel bikini, straps encircle the neck and around the midriff keeping the back almost bare.

Best Picks for: Well-toned women
A Complete No for: Women with heavy waistline

9. Skirtini

Bikini Bottom Short Skirt

Providing good amount of coverage, this has a bikini top and a skater skirt as the bottom. Till date, these are considered as one of the top designs of swimwear.

Best Picks for: Women with slim waists
A Complete No for: Apple, Pear shaped women

10. High-Waisted Bikini

High Waist Retro Bikini

For women who are not very fond of revealing their waistline but still love wearing bikinis, this has been a boon. The bikini bottom has a high waist and sits above the navel covering the entire waistline.

Tip: It’s a great pick if you have post pregnancy stretch marks and still coming back to shape!

11. Fringe Bikini

The bikini has fringes attached to the upper bandeau and the bikini bottom to make the whole swimwear look sensual and elegant. It is also good if you want to add on volume to your whole outfit.

Best Picks for: Slim women
A Complete No for: Apple, Pear shaped women

12. Flounce Bikini

2019 Sexy Brazilian Print Bikini (Push Up)

You might want to hit the summer season with one of these ravishing looks. The bikini has a flounced halter top and creates a beautiful bust line.

Best Picks for: Women with flaunting curves
A Complete No for: Apple, Rectangle shaped women

We hope you found the love of your swimming days right here and are ready to shop for them. Keep yourself chilled and cool with these ravishing pieces this summer. Always make sure that the bikini fits you right and doesn’t make heads turn for the wrong reason. Also, keep in mind that your skin feels okay with the bikini fabrics and compliments your body style.

Till then, enjoy the heat!!.

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